Dr. Rafael Ramon

As Dr. Rafael explains, “I was tired of working in the hospital system and seeing a reactive approach to health. I was convinced that there was a better way to promote, grow, and accrue health in the human body. What I learned would forever change my health and the health of those who I love.

Dr. Chris Norton

Dr. Chris is a second-generation chiropractor and was fortunate to be raised in a home where he was adjusted since birth, living out the health principles that Acru Health represents. He carries his passion for chiropractic everywhere he goes, and he certainly hopes it’s contagious.

Julia Bonnici

Julia has a strong background in healthcare having worked in the dental field for 15 years. “I was ready for a change and am so happy that path has brought me to a place where I get to help people live a happy and healthy life everyday!” Julia is our patient care coordinator & scheduling specialist. She will help you with any concerns and walk side by side with you through the entire process.

Erika James

Erika graduated from San Diego Christian College with a Bachelors in Psychology. She is native of San Diego. Erika says “I have always enjoyed health/wellness and now particularly passionate about holistic health and helping people make life changing health choices.”

Veda Frumkin

Veda has a very outgoing and fun personality. She has always appreciated purposeful work and loves spending her time helping people in a positive way. Veda says “genuine interactions with great people brighten my life. I’m grateful for new connections and look forward to continually learning and serving others with Acru Health.”

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